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Sudden Responsibility: Becoming a Guardian to a Minor

Someone must become the child’s guardian when both parents unexpectedly pass away. The primary reason for guardianship is to ensure the child’s well-being, protection, and support. A legal guardianship has specific requirements, including fulfilling the child’s needs and interests. Guardians must be prepared to make significant life adjustments regarding living arrangements and finances while providing

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Property Ownership Before and During Marriage

Understand the concept of property ownership before marriage. During a marriage, any property acquired is considered marital property. Community property states consider all marital property equally owned by spouses. In case of separation, it’s important to understand how your property will be divided based on state laws. Protect yourself by keeping accurate records of assets,

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termination of employment

5 Tips for Dealing With a Wrongful Termination Case

Gather evidence and know your rights when dealing with a wrongful termination case. Seek legal counsel to understand employment laws and help navigate the process. Consider using mediation services as an alternative to court proceedings. Prepare for trial by gathering evidence, preparing witness statements, and building a strong case. Understand your legal rights and obligations

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Ensuring Compliance in Your Small Local Government Agency

Understanding regulations will help your agency stay informed and prepared for any changes. Maintaining good security measures is essential to protecting data and ensuring compliance with clearance regulations. Defining roles and responsibilities will ensure everyone has a role in the compliance process. Creating a compliance manual will provide guidance for employees on understanding and complying

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