Obscure Labor Laws Around the World

No one can ever deny the fact that laws differ all over the world. Because the locals determine them, they are very much connected to the local culture and history. This is why we would often find some laws in other countries odd. In the worst cases, we even find that they don’t make sense

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management reviewing company policy

Creating New Company Policies the Right and Legal Way

By definition, company policies refer to the guidelines that define an organization’s culture and help it be compliant with law and regulations. They also clarify the expected output and behavior of employees, board members, volunteers, and others in the context of that particular company. Creating good policies can take months of research and writing. Despite

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signing papers

Preparing Your Small Business in the Event of a Divorce

Starting a business might feel like a dream come true, but you will find that it can be a tricky road to pursue. Fortunately, you have your family to support you, especially your spouse. You might reach a point where your efforts lead to fruitful results, which will help you create a comfortable life for

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delivery concept

Delivery Disasters: How Dining Establishments Minimize the Risks

Around this time last year, a delivery driver from Greek’s Pizzeria in Indianapolis experienced the biggest shock of his life. He was walking up his own front door after finishing his shift when a robber came up behind him with a gun. Held at gunpoint, Zac Shewmaker, the delivery driver, had no choice but to

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