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Visas, embassies, consulates of the Dominican Republic

Many countries of the world do not require tourist visas to enter the Dominican Republic, but lot of countries still do. Obtaining a tourist visa is the first and principal step because our services for you start once you are legally in the territory of the Dominican Republic.

The basic requirements from the Dominican consulate for an applicant to get a tourist visa are generally the same in all countries, though there might be slight differences depending on the specific territory. The valid passport, actual photos, proof of sufficient funds and return ticket are principal requirements. An invitation letter from a citizen of the Dominican Republic could help in the process but definitely is NOT one of the documents that you must have to apply for a tourist visa.

If you ask for a residency visa or a working visa for the Dominican Republic, the process is completely different. It requires from you more documents and takes generally a longer time. The easiest way to get here is to visit the Dominican Republic as a tourist. Once you are here, you can officially apply for a change of your status if you wish.

We place addresses and contact numbers for the Dominican consulates and embassies in all their locations on our web page so you can know where to ask for requirements and make your application faster. You can apply for a tourist visa in any Dominican consulate in the world you wish, it is just more logical to apply to one that is the closest the country where you actually live.

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