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Privacy policy

Caribbean Legal Services (Caribe-Lawyers.com) further mentioned only as "CLS" does not gather any personal data or information that could identify any specific person apart from the cases when the person provides this information freely and of his/her own will. This kind of information can be obtained in the case that the respective person willingly registers himself/herself with the intention of using the services offered on the web page of "CLS", participates in surveys or respective voting, etc. Any personal information identifying the person will not be passed on, nor sold to any third party apart from the cases when the user is notified during the process of collecting data and he/she has to agree with this fact.

"CLS" has the right to conduct research about the behavior of the users on its own web pages, such as, for example, measuring the number of visits on the web page, the number of users watching promotional banners and the number of entries to any of these banners. This information will be available to the individual banner providers - always in the form of a statistic resume, not individually by name. The users should also take into account that data given by them willingly in discussion forums or in any other automatically generated pages could be used by third parties. This kind of use of personal information can not be controlled and "CLS" can not bear any responsibility for that.

The users should also take into account that some information about users can be automatically collected during the process of standard operations of our server (for example the IP address of the user’s PC) and also by using cookies (small text fines that remain on the user’s computer and the server can recognize the user by these saved fines if the user visited it once and monitor his behavior and adapt some respective design and content according to this behavior or conduct some promotional campaign). Cookies are not programs that could cause some damage on the user's computer. The majority of search engines offer the option to not accept cookies - though web pages might not work properly without permitted cookies.

On a user’s request "CLS" will apply all the adequate financial measures in order to remove all the personal data of the respective user.

If you have any questions, comments or special requirements leading to changes or removal of all your personal data and information, please, contact us.

Packages of services

Immigration package: Permanent residency with work permit

This package contains full immigration service related to Dominican residency documents including working permission.

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Business package: Immigration services, business company with bank account

This package of services includes apart from full immigration services (Dominican residency documents with working permission) also founding of a Dominican business company together with bank account.

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Citizenship package: Immigration and business services, citizenship with passport

This package of services contains apart from founding of Dominican business company with own bank account and full immigration services also finishing the whole immigration process until full naturalization in the Dominican Republic, it means getting official Dominican citizenship with all the rights and advantages including Dominican passport.

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Immigration, citizenship services for tourists and residents staying in Dominican Republic

For people, which already arrived or living in Dominican Republic we will prepare special packages and prices exactly for theirs needs.

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