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  • Complete immigration process

  • Permanent residency and work permit

  • Dual citizenship, second passport

  • Business company and bank account

  • Fast divorce services

  • Business representation of foreign companies

Permanent residency, citizenship and business advice

To relocate to a new place that is completely different from your country of origin can sound like a really difficult thing that is only for people without commitments or with adventurous minds, but actually this is definitely not true, and our clients are proof of this. They made the decision to move to the Caribbean by themselves or with their families anto to live here and have a happy life.

For people who think about this decision and are not sure about a "fresh start" in a new country, we are here to help.

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We specialize in immigration services, permanent residency and work permits, citizenship with second passports, business services, company foundations with bank accounts and legal advice in the Dominican Republic provided as complete packages.

Our main objectives are precise information, solidity and confidence with our clients.

What makes us UNIQUE in the market?

  • Our assistance begins with landing your airplane - we ensure your transportation from the airport
  • Accommodate you and your family in a hotel in a nice, secure area
  • Don't worry about "special prices for tourists" for local transportation related to your immigration process
  • During the immigration process you will have someone who will help you with the language barrier
  • We will be your legal assessor for any question or advice in your new place
  • Help finding a nice place for you and your family (rent or buy)
  • It will be like having a good friend in the Dominican Republic who will never misdirect you

For information about our service packages, click the link in the menu on the right side of the website.

For tourists or residents who are already staying in the Dominican Republic we prepare special packages and priced exactly for their needs. There are a lot of aspects that we need to know. In these cases, please contact us.

Packages of services

Immigration package: Permanent residency with work permit

This package contains full immigration service related to Dominican residency documents including working permission.

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Business package: Immigration services, business company with bank account

This package of services includes apart from full immigration services (Dominican residency documents with working permission) also founding of a Dominican business company together with bank account.

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Citizenship package: Immigration and business services, citizenship with passport

This package of services contains apart from founding of Dominican business company with own bank account and full immigration services also finishing the whole immigration process until full naturalization in the Dominican Republic, it means getting official Dominican citizenship with all the rights and advantages including Dominican passport.

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Immigration, citizenship services for tourists and residents staying in Dominican Republic

For people, which already arrived or living in Dominican Republic we will prepare special packages and prices exactly for theirs needs.

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