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  • Complete immigration process

  • Permanent residency and work permit

  • Dual citizenship, second passport

  • Business company and bank account

  • Fast divorce services

  • Business representation of foreign companies

General Terms

These General Conditions specify the way to use the internet pages of Caribbean Legal Services (Caribe-Lawyers.com), further in the text mentioned only as "CLS", and also the legal relation with the client at the moment of sending the Order.

By entering the above mentioned web page, sending the Order or using this web page you agree with these General Conditions and you agree to act according to these General Conditions.

The User is obligated to fill the required fields of the Order with true data and information, and he also must keep the data updated. In the case that the User provides false or untrue information he put himself/herself in jeopardy that, for example, the User's application will be refused by the Dominican authorities. At the same time the User loses any right to claim the money paid to "CLS" and also, "CLS" in this case will not be responsible for any consequences that could result from false information given by the User.

All the text, pictures, graphics and other parts of this web page are subject to copyright. Copying any part of this web page is strictly forbidden without the written permission of "CLS". Any reproduction of any part of this web page can not be sold or distributed with the intention of getting profit and, can not be modified or included in any other document, publication or web page. "CLS" will demand in an active way its moral rights in the maximum extent of the law including criminal prosecution for serious offenses.

"CLS" reserves the right to cancel the Order if it has serious and proven reasons to act in this way, especially in the CASE when the User provided false information. The Order can be cancelled also in the case of breaking some of the provisions of these General Conditions.

By confirmation of the Order you express your agreement with receiving e-mails at the e-mail address listed in Order. Received e-mails can have informative or promotional character. "CLS" has the right to send business information of associated subjects or their own information to the e-mail addresses listed during the registration process. These kinds of e-mails meet all the requirements of internet law and can not be considered as spam. Accepting these e-mails means no obligation to anything.

You can express your opposition with receiving the above mentioned e-mails by answering to the received e-mail. In the "subject" field must be written the text: "DO NOT SEND THIS INFORMATION."

Data collected by "CLS" and your personal information are kept safely during the period of their use and are protected against any abuse. They will never be given away to any other subject or to any third party.

Some "CLS" pages can contain links to other internet pages of third subjects that are out of the control of "CLS" and are not subject to these General Conditions. If you visit these pages through the offered links, the providers of these pages could use your personal information in accordance with their own conditions - and their conditions can be different from our conditions. "CLS" has no responsibility for the conditions of the third parties.

These General Conditions can be updated or changed without any warning. It is the responsibility of the User of "CLS" to read these General Conditions from time to time in order to review any amendments. The above mentioned General Conditions are valid since the 1st of June of 2009.

These General Conditions are prepared in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic. Any reservations are subject to the civil code of the Dominican Republic.

Packages of services

Immigration package: Permanent residency with work permit

This package contains full immigration service related to Dominican residency documents including working permission.

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Business package: Immigration services, business company with bank account

This package of services includes apart from full immigration services (Dominican residency documents with working permission) also founding of a Dominican business company together with bank account.

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Citizenship package: Immigration and business services, citizenship with passport

This package of services contains apart from founding of Dominican business company with own bank account and full immigration services also finishing the whole immigration process until full naturalization in the Dominican Republic, it means getting official Dominican citizenship with all the rights and advantages including Dominican passport.

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Immigration, citizenship services for tourists and residents staying in Dominican Republic

For people, which already arrived or living in Dominican Republic we will prepare special packages and prices exactly for theirs needs.

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