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Legal, business representation in the Dominican Republic


We can also offer to clients from abroad official representation on Dominican market. It can be new company that would like to start selling their products or services in the Dominican Republic, or vice versa buying some of Dominican products for export abroad, or it can be already successful franchise that would like to expend their business activities on the island.

We can offer highly trained and qualified personnel, business representatives with experience who, of course, speak English and other languages, offices in prominent part of Santo Domingo and legal department. We help you with documents required for export or import, with custom duties, all the necessary negotiations, local transport arrangements, and so on. We can also prepare for you professional feasibility study of the local market based on particular requirements.

Therefore we are able to offer you the following services:

  • Looking for Dominican products suitable for export to your country
  • Looking for Dominican customers willing to buy products from your country
  • Acting on your behalf while signing respective business agreements
  • Elaboration of feasibility studies for the Dominican market for your respective products
  • Being your official representative for any kind of business meetings
  • Acting on your behalf in custom, export/import negotiations
  • Translating Spanish business documents into English
  • DHL, FedEx or EMS delivery of business samples or documents
  • Debt collecting
  • Representing you in legal procedures and in court in the Dominican Republic
  • Arranging for you local and international transport and insurance for your merchandise
  • Monthly reports and statements

These are basic services that are offered by our team, all of them based on a signed contract between us and the respective client from abroad. If you decide to represent your company on the Dominican market you can also count on the official seat for your representative, which is located in the premises of our lawyer's department in the central part of the capital.

In case of your interest, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. We are able to open official representation for your company in the Dominican Republic in very short time and start to work for you.

Packages of services

Fast divorce in the Dominican Republic

This special divorce is available to foreigners or Dominican citizens who live abroad, provided that both spouses file for divorce in a Dominican court.

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Legal and business representation of foreign companies in the Dominican Republic

We help our clients with official representation of theirs companies and businesses on Dominican market.

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