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Boom of construction business in Dominican Republic


"Stable economy, amazing business and investment opportunities, construction companies bringing technologies and experience from abroad - all this brings a huge development in the construction industry in the Dominican Republic."

The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. The first city of the New World, the most important harbor for the Spanish treasure galleons for the first decades of the Conquer of the New World, is unique mixture of historical past and modern present.

Visitor of Santo Domingo, today home of more than 2 million of people, is surprised not only by historical monuments but also with modern constructions. It might seem unbelievable but one can see construction sites almost on any corner of this city.

Not only hotels and tourist facilities but principally condominium buildings with all the modern facilities of today's life or smaller two stories family houses are harboring the whole city.

Traditional construction methods and materials are slowly replaced with modern technologies but still the majority construction sites use cheap labor and classical methods of building.

There is no doubt a vast market for those with necessary experience who would like to start some kind of construction business in this country and not only in the capital but also in other places of this beautiful tropical island.

Just come and see by yourself!

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