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Move to live and work in the Caribbean

During the last couple of years the Dominican Republic has become a home for a high quantity of foreign investors or whole families moving here from abroad.

Beach Rincón

Not surprising at all, they found a steady, beautiful tropical climate all the year, friendly local people and literally unlimited business possibilities.

The Dominican Republic has one of the most stable economies in the whole Caribbean region - the exchange rate for the US dollar has practically remained unchanged during the last four years. According to official statistics more than 11,000 small and medium size companies have been estabilished in the Dominican Republic during the last two years, and only about 2,000 have been closed during the same period.

The tourist industry is one of the most important in the local economy. This year, a record number of more than 5 million tourists are expected to visit the country, and may be you or your family will be among them as well. Please remember our web page because perhaps the Caribbean will strike your heart and you will use our services in the same way that dozens of our clients have before.

The principal reasons why you should immigrate and become a resident of the Dominican Republic?

  • Fast, reliable proceeding of the permanent residency and other legal documents
  • Very stable economy
  • Unlimited business opportunities in industry production, services, export and import and tourism
  • Nice tropical weather all year long
  • Variable and, in many places, still untapped beautiful nature
  • Friendly and helpful local people
  • One of many economical advantages of the Dominican Republic

Caribe - News

Important changes

(Tuesday, 27. October 2009)

Because there is such a high number of petitions for the preliminary approval of tourist visas for the Dominican Republic we cannot handle these requests from time point of view and we are obliged to return to the original practice, which means that each client has to obtain a tourist visa (if needed) by himself/herself and our services as described on our web page start upon his/her arrival to the Dominican territory.

Amazing price reductions for immigration packages

(Friday, 25. September 2009)

We have the pleasure of announcing that thanks to more and more satisfied clients, we can substantially reduce the prices of our immigration packages.

Website secured via SSL

(Monday, 7. September 2009)

Security and encryption via SSL For safety of our client's information was added on website SSL support, encrypted transmission of sensitive data, which could be exploited by third party.

Embassies and consultes of the Dominican Republic

(Wednesday, 19. August 2009)

Because of many questions regarding Dominican Republic embassies and consulates, we start building information part on our website.

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